Inspiring Cooking With Shirley

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Have you promised yourself (and your family) that you’ll start cooking healthy and delicious, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to switch your diet to Paleo, vegetarianism or veganism and need to get inspired?

I would love to get you started!  Let’s have two hours of a fun, educational cooking session in your kitchen, and learn the basics of how to cook healthy meals with ease for yourself and your family.

During these two hours I’ll share any of my nutritious recipes that are of interest to you and that meet your personal dietary needs.  I will also teach you the basics of menu building or just help you tweak your favorite family recipes by suggesting some healthier options or alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or flavor.

Newbie to the kitchen?  Let’s start from the beginning with two hours of learning the basic skills of cooking and cooking techniques.

Cooking with picky eaters – are you getting tired of fighting over food with your kids? Do you want your kids to learn healthy eating habits that go beyond the kitchen table?

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Cooking with my kids is one of my favorite things to do, and I would love to share and teach my passion for cooking and healthy foods, with your kids as well. During one-on-one session, I’ll teach your child how to make healthy yet still tasty choices when it comes to meals or snacks. Together, we’ll have fun cooking and exploring new flavors and textures. This is a hands-on fun activity, just for kids!

INCLUDES: A two hours in kitchen visit*, verbal instruction and demonstration, grocery shopping list, grocery shopping guide, food group list, and copies of recipes.

*Depending on the client’s location.