About Shirley

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My story comes together like a mixture of flavors: sweet, tart, spicy, and usually, it tastes great.

Ten years ago, my husband and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas from Israel with our 2 year-old son. We had never lived in the U.S. before, and we were very excited to explore American culture.

As an Israeli, my eating habits are different than an American’s typical diet. Our diet always includes fresh ingredients, eating less meat, and there is always a fresh sliced vegetable or salad to go along with the meal.  I didn’t grow up going to restaurants with my parents. Everything was homemade, and we always ate together as a family. I didn’t even know what a drive-through was until I came to the U.S. (How do I order? Why does it sound like someone is yelling at me?). And I didn’t know that when you order a salad, all you will get is 2 pounds of lettuce and one very sad tomato.

My curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the food culture in the U.S. led me to attend the Culinary School of Fort Worth.  This experience was the first step in a long, still on-going journey of exploring and learning how to make food extremely delicious and nutritious.

This journey also helped me get out of my shell, get over the language barrier, and meet many wonderful friends who share the same passion for food and a healthy lifestyle. It’s true, there is nothing like food to connect different people from different cultures.

For the past nine years, I have been immersed in food in one way or another. I established a healthy food importing business. I’ve also worked for a food magazine, as well as in the restaurant industry.

During these years, through extensive reading, self-research and one anxiety attack, I have become not just passionate about the food I’m feeding my body, but also about the way I nourish my soul.

I also found myself helping other women like me by helping them plan healthy meals for their families, and by encouraging and motivating them to achieve their goals in other areas of their lives.

Since I love “playing” with food and listening to people’s stories, the natural, most intuitive thing for me to do next was to extend my knowledge of nutrition by attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained to be a Holistic Health coach. I studied more than one hundred dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

These days, I’m a very busy mom of 3, facing the same challenges and struggles as you. Every day I am taking small steps to find my own taste of courage. I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey, as we explore the particular flavors that your own courage tastes like.